How does Bitcoin work? The economist Roland Pascal Gerbauld answers


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After the boom of virtual currency in 2017, probably you have heard about Bitcoin. If not, you are certainly having this first contact now, once this financial modality is being considered as one of the most profitable of the year, after returning to a level above US$ 20 thousand per unit – something that did not happen in the past three years – and accumulating a return of more than 250% for the investors until November.

In the opinion of the economist Roland Pascal Gerbauld, the currency, which is pioneer in the segment, will continue to be the main criptocurrency of the world, keeping its level and number of supporters, even with a market bursting with options and possibilities. “Previously used by technology enthusiasts, the growth of this currency attracted the attention of investors around the globe”, declares Ronald Gerbauld. 

According to Roland Gerbauld, differently from Dollar or Real, Bitcoin is a currency that works completely in the digital world. You will not see bills circulating, once the issuance of this financial modality is not made by any Central Bank. This currency does not exist in the real world, but rather generated by computing system in a decentralized and encrypted manner, which ensures the data safety.

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